Alex & Michelle

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday to you. We shot Alex and Michelle’s engagement session bright and early a few weekends ago. We decided to shoot first at the Red Rocks in Boulder–not the amphitheatre, just some really cool rock formations just outside of Boulder in the mountains. It was a great place to shoot, and just a perfect morning–surprisingly warm with some amazing, soft light. Michelle and Alex are so adorable together and were up for anything; like we’ve said before…we have the most amazing clients!! We felt like they trusted us with our judgment (even when we had them climbing to the top of the rocks!) and it was awesome.

After mini-Red Rocks, we then skipped over to Holiday Neighborhood for the second half of the sesh. You may not know this, but Michelle is a supergenius. She is getting her PhD at CU in bug science! i.e. Entomology. (I had to look up the spelling.) She studies ants and I personally think that that is quite fascinating. How awesome to discover such a niche interest. Alex is a general contractor, so he builds things, and builds them well, I’m sure of it!

Well, have a looksie, hope you enjoy! Michelle and Alex–can’t wait for your Estes Park wedding at Mary’s Lake Lodge in August!

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