Brian & Michelle

From the time we first met these two, I knew Brian and Michelle’s wedding would be entertaining. I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I happen to be a proud Ohio State Buckeye alum, and it just so happens that Brian himself hails from Columbus and a family full of Buckeye fans. If you know anything about Ohio State football, you know the feelings toward the whole state of Michigan tend to be of the not-so-kind variety. Michelle happens to be from….you guessed it. Michigan. With a family full of Wolverine fans. So I knew there would be some good-natured rivalry fun taking place. To add to the drama, OSU just happened to be playing (and winning) the game that sent them to the Rose Bowl this year. We even got to stop by a sports bar to see the winning overtime play. Ok, this is about a wedding…onward.

The day was chilly and rainy/snowy, which just made their Holy Ghost church ceremony even more cozy. It was beautiful, we love that church. After, we piled into the limo with the whole bridal party and headed over to the Denver Art Museum for some photos. The light was really amazing, at twilight with snow. It was so blue and interesting. Side note: the folks at the museum were so incredibly accommodating for us. We appreciated it a super lot.

The reception at the ballroom on the 37th floor of the Grand Hyatt provided panoramic views of the falling snow and the Denver city lights…so romantic! Brian and Michelle were surrounded by tons of family and friends that traveled cross country to celebrate with them. They are obviously so loved! We had such a great time documenting this fabulous wedding. Stay tuned for their “day-after” photos. Thanks Brian and Michelle!

P.S. Quick shout-out to the amazing, incredible David and Heather…past clients through whom we met Brian and Michelle! We love you guys and loved seeing you at the wedding! =)

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