Sarah + Greg | Boulder, Colorado Farm Wedding

Here’s the setup:

Who? Two awesome people, named Sarah and Greg, getting married. Check.

The setting? A gorgeous farm, by the name of Frogbelly, north of Boulder and along the Front Range. Check.

The details? Impeccable. Beautiful. I wanted to eat them (and not just the cupcakes). I kind of wanted to even take a bite out of the old wagon they were perched atop.

The food? Farm to table – 90% grown, made, or raised right on the very farm it was eaten that night.  Does it get any better? Check and Mark.

The people? Nearly two hundred boisterous, fun-loving family and friends in attendance.  Check.

The light? Think golden, soft and beautiful, fading to a lovely sunset, to a calm night lit with candles, bare-bulb lights, a fire, and the rocking glow coming from the barn.

The memories? The laughing, smiling, the genuine love I saw between Sarah, Greg and their family and friends, and let’s not forget the dancing. Loving every minute of my job, feeling blessed to get to be a part of such a time.

Sarah and Greg, your wedding was amazing! The two of you are so fantastically easygoing that it all seemed to flow like milk and honey. Or fresh churned butter. Or OW-50 motor oil. What I’m trying to say is – your wedding was awesome, and we really enjoyed getting to be a part of it. We really hope you enjoy the photos, and that you, your kids and grandkids will do so for years to come.



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