Chad, Jennie & Rylie

When you see Rylie’s face, this is what you will think:

pure joy.

Meet Chad, Jennie and Rylie, i.e. the most adorable family this side of the Mississippi. Probably the other side too. Rylie is a curious, spunky, happy, giggling, toddling, pointing, clapping, blue-eyed one-year-old wonder, and Chad and Jennie are her amazing, loving, devoted parents. This shoot was so much fun…we clapped and giggled and pointed and wished we were one again. Rylie is discovering the world around her, and it is magical.

And these people are such uppers to be around, you know what I mean? They love life. That is contagious. And, fortunately for us, we got to catch a little bit of that contagious love last Saturday as we smiled, laughed, and clicked away on our cameras to capture what we could of it. Happy First Birthday, Rylie! You are LOVED sweetheart!!!!

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