Damien & Amy

I might just need to look in a thesaurus so I can acquire some fitting adjectives for this engagement session and for this couple. The session, and Damien & Amy, are quite extraordinary, and deserve some extra-interesting words. They flew to Colorado from New York City and Boston, respectively, for their engagement shoot ’em up.

We talked to DAmyen several times on the phone and had already pretty much become smitten with them before we even met them in person. They were as stoked as we were for this session, and had all kinds of crazy, nutty, marvelous ideas for photos. We.love.that. Then when the day came, they walked the talk and crawled around in dead cars, junk yards, tire piles, and an old bus up in the infamous Ward, Colorado. Then they suffered through a quick session on Mapleton hill in Boulder with a “bicycle built for two:” two fun-loving, in-love, down-to-earth, witty, out-going, warm, creative, confident, unique, quirky, adventurous human beings. And I didn’t even use the thesaurus, all those adjectives just flowed out of my brain, thank you very much!

We.love.our.job. Our only regret is that Amy and Damien don’t live here so we can’t force them to hang out with us all the time. Sad! Anyway, can’t wait for their Keystone wedding next July!

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