Brad & Kelsey

Ok, I honestly don’t know where to begin here. I can’t express how excited I was when Brad and Kelsey asked us to not only shoot their wedding next May, but to fly down to Oklahoma and shoot their engagement session a few weeks ago.

Brad is a dear friend of mine from way back in high school, and we have so many good memories together I can hardly begin to count them. There are a select number of people that, if I had my way, I would force them to move onto our street so we could all just live happily ever after, and Brad is one of those people. You just can’t help but smile around him. He’s genuine – the kind of person that always makes you feel right at home, he has a huge heart for others, and, in general, is one of those all-around amazing men. Oh, and if you’re lucky you might get to hear him belt out some wicked awesome Michael Jackson (please, someone ask for that at the wedding! …I’m lookin’ at the Man in the Mirror…!’). Anyway, Brad is a good man, and I’m so happy that he found such a wonderful woman as Kelsey.

She’s also, obviously, got permission to move onto our block ;), and I’m excited to see their relationship grow and to get to know Kelsey better as it does.

Laura and I had a great time getting to hang out with B&K – we trekked around Bricktown and downtown OKC, drove to Brad’s Grandma’s farm and took advantage of the warm, golden sunset light and an old red barn, and in general just had a blast laughing, shooting photos, and listening to some MJ in the process.

Brad & Kelsey, enjoy the photos, and we’re so excited to come down and see you two again in the Spring!!

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