Alicia & Steve

Folks, it’s time to bump some Tuesday sweetness of Alicia & Steve, also known as “Freakin’ Awesome“. So get EXCITED!!

Alicia & Steve seem to just fit together in this genuine, sweet sort of way – in a way that you can’t fake in front of the camera even if you tried to. They have this amazing attitude about life: i.e., recently, they left their jobs in corporate America to pursue something that they love, something that makes them feel alive, and something they can stand behind: organic farming.  Check out their adventures HERE! We had the pleasure of hanging out with them over dinner recently at the Southern Sun and then two weekends ago we got to kick around downtown Denver together on a Saturday morning and capture some happiness on our digital sensors.

After watching them interact during our relaxed session and then seeing Laura work through the set of photos this past week, I have to say that the process of shooting them and then seeing how their photos came out just makes me happy somewhere inside. And because of that, more than anything, I adore these photos. I’d say something along the lines of them making me believe in love and goodness in the world or something, but then I’d be flirting with things that guys aren’t really allowed to say, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, I’m not sure how, but we get all the best clients. Thanks A&S, we really hope you enjoy your photos, and we’re really excited to shoot your wedding this July!

In my opinion, every guy wishes he had a photo of his girl all nestled up to him like this. How bout it, hon??

And here’s another – (I think she whispered a little something in his ear!)

And, classic ‘we rock the globe’ shot:

Love me some black-n-white…(Laura’s View)

My view – from from the 70-200. Notice the creamier bokeh (blurrier background). Love it.

This one I like to call “No autographs, please.”

Time for a little skip…love this series. I crack up every time I look at it.  Skipping, we discovered, is one of Alicia and Steve’s most treasured pastimes.

Steve, sorry you’re blurry here. JUST KIDDING! This one’s ALLLLLL about Alicia folks. You’re kind of just part of the scenery man.

Steve’s thought bubble…..{Dang mane, that girl’s my fiance!!}

“Are we lost?”

“Who cares, we’re so hot right now I can’t stand it. Now we shall skip through a meadow.”

P.S. Awesome outfits…you even matched the city!

Love it. Parking Garage love… (the best kind).

aaaaaaaaaaand, my eyeballs are melted. Laura, you rock. Steve and Alicia, way to just be relaxed and fabulous.

Goodnight bloggolites, and thanks again Alicia & Steve!

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