Kelsey + Andrew | Evergreen, Colorado Wedding

Kelsey and Andrew picked a glorious June day to say hello to wedded bliss.  We love these two and their true, joyful devotion to each other.

Andrew’s brother gave a toast at the reception, during which he told the story of Andrew’s proposal to Kelsey.  We loved it so much, and it went something like this (pardon me butchering some of the details): it was the middle of winter on probably the coldest day of the year, many degrees below zero on the top of a mountain at Vail.  Andrew had a plan to propose on the very tip top of the mountain, a Spot that even the ski lifts didn’t take you, and he was sticking to his plan.  To get to the Spot, you had to take a freezing, windy lift ride all the way up, and then continue to hike for who knows how long.  There was no one else crazy enough to be at the resort that frigid day.  Kelsey reluctantly accompanied Andrew, unaware of his plan or why he was insisting they behave in this crazy manner – and at this point in his toast Andrew’s brother asked, “what was Kelsey doing at this point, Andrew?”  To which Andrew replied sheepishly, “She was crying…” But she followed him, her love, up to the top of that mountain so he could get on his knee and ask her to be his wife.  She said yes, of course, and proved her devotion to him and trust in him that day.

Great metaphor, eh?  Anyway, it was a fabulous day and we are so happy for Kelsey and Andrew and their bright future together!  Enjoy!

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