Is anyone else out there a little in shock that it is October? Summer’s over, friends, and it’s a little bit sad. I love fall, but it is o-so-fleeting, isn’t it? Sometimes I just want to take one of those beautiful, clear, crisp, warm, Colorado fall days and put it in a bottle. I also want to put our street in a bottle…every afternoon when I round the little bend to our house, and the sun is streaming through the huge yellow trees, I gasp! Beauty and wonder. But it is futile…because winter will come no matter how hard I resist. Then it’s Christmas, though, so that’s ok. Enough rambling about the seasons. The purpose of this blog post is to say hello [HELLO] to our friends, stalkers (hello! do you exist?) and other cyber-wanderers, and to tell you what’s been up in Fuse Photo Land lately. Also: a teaser.

1. Illness. I have been afflicted for an entire week with a nasty, mean, evil virus. Not the flu. But yuck. Thanks to dear, thoughtful Ashley for bringing me yummy soup with matzo balls and some mashed-up veggie goodness too. And thanks to my sweet hubz, who is the best there ever was or is, doing such things as jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to get me medicine, water, etc.

2. 2010. We have been booking up our wedding schedule for next year already. We are excited and humbled to be getting a lot of referral business, and lots of new clients as well. We are so pumped to get to know our 2010 couples over the course of the next year…we can already tell we have a super fun bunch so far! We do still have plenty of wedding dates still available, but if you are getting married next year….ACT NOW! Just kidding! That’s what a car salesman would say.

3. Weddings. We have 2 weddings on the docket to blog, and three more to go to wrap up the year. Yesterday we shot the incredibly beautiful wedding of Julia and Greg. It was a perfect, perfect fall day (like the kind to put in a bottle to keep) and every part of the day was completely lovely. We also have an engagement session to blog, that of one quite adorably quirky couple by the names of Amy and Damien. Next weekend: Marjorie and Tom in Beavercreek. Weather Forecast: SNOW. So, stay tuned for all of those!

4. Other shoots. We are doing some bio portraits and architectural shots for a law firm in downtown Boulder in the coming weeks. They have a really beautiful office so we are excited to get creative with the architectural shots and expand our horizons a little! Yeehaw!

5. And now…a teaser. This is Chris and Erin from a few weeks ago…more to come soon. LOVED their wedding, LOVE them! Enjoy, and let us know what you think (leave us a comment!). BYE!

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