Trevor & Brooke

Wait for it…wait for it….ok…the UNVEILING!!! Trevor and Brooke have been looking forward to this post just a bit…ok, Trevor is “obsessed” according to Brooke and can’t handle the anticipation! Trevor looked mighty handsome and quite GQ with his lovely lady on his arm. And Brooke, you are gorgeous! We laughed this entire session and loved the interplay of their personalities.

Brooke and Trevor’s “things” are wine and 14ers (and candy), and so they wanted them incorporated into their photos. We love that and think that picking out meaningful locations make engagement photos just that much more special. Brooke is a photography-dabbler slash soon-to-be medical student with great taste, and Trevor, if I remember correctly is some kind of math genius with a rad sense of humor. Quite the studly couple!

We are mucho excited about their June 2010 wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Magnolia Hotel! Thanks Trevor and Brooke!

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