Lindsay & Jason | Colorado Springs Engagement Session

!!!!!!!!!!!Junk Yard Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, some of you might remember my love affair with old junk. I’m kind of addicted to cool, yet hopelessly worthless junk; I’m sort of a junk junkie. Well, Lindsay and Jason’s recent engagement session helped me get a nice fix for a while, as it was in the middle of one of the coolest, most eclectic collections of random junk I’ve ever seen. I’m talking old kitchen stoves, gas pumps, giant yellow paper mache lizards, unidentifiable metal machinery, a statue of baseball Jesus, old bicycles, and lots of serious, serious crap (like rotten plywood). I’m surprised I was even able to take pictures of them with the overload of eclecticity. [yes, that’s a new word]

Somehow, with Laura’s help, I managed, and we tromped around Hillside Gardens in Colorado Springs and captured some of my fave shots of the season so far. We also got to head over to Garden of the Gods (or, as our friends L&D like to say, God’s Garden), for some more stellar shots. Lindsay & Jason were fabulous models, and between the beautiful light, the beautiful junk [yes I just said that], and the beautiful scenery of Garden of the Gods, we captured some great imagery.

Lindsay & Jason, we hope you enjoy, and wedding photos are soon to come!!!

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