Jessica+Justin | Colorado Engagement Photography

Pop quiz: What do you get when you mix together glowing Aspen leaves, old cars, dirt roads, grassy fields, a mountain highway, two ridiculously hilarious and good-looking people, two goofy photographers, and a splash of golden sunshine?

TIME’S UP!!! You get this engagement session of Jessica and Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura and I had, quite possibly, the funnest, and simultaneously the strangest, photo session of all time this past Monday. Jessica and Justin agreed to meet us in the small little mountain town of Ward, Colorado, and we had an awesome time navigating our way in, around and through all the neat things in Ward and in the process finding some great places to shoot together. If you can’t tell by looking at the photos, Jessica and Justin are like peanut butter and jelly – they just go together. They’re fun-loving, easy going, quick witted, have an awesome sense of humor, and an absolute blast to hang out with. Our kinds’a people, people!

J+J, thank you guys, so much, for being your amazing selves. We hope you enjoy the photos, and we’re so looking forward to getting to hang out with you again and shooting your wedding!

Love this photo – I think the splash of sunlight off the hood puts it over the top for me. (It’s the little things!). Not to mention J+J are looking fabulous!

They like to laugh, in a way.

I had to put this photo third, because I like it too much to be down further in the post. Sorry!

Open fields+sunlight=Awwwwesome

Yummy yummy.Jessica wanted to include her Hello Kitty backpack and her Barbie lunchbox in this one but we made her leave it out.  After some foot-stomping and pouting she agreed.


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