Caroline & Aaron | Red Rocks, Colorado Engagement Session

Hellllooooo Bloggies!

The two fresh-faced kids gracing the front page of today’s blog are Caroline & Aaron. We met them over coffee a few months back, and as we walked away from the meeting, both of us were crossing our fingers that they’d decide to have us shoot their story this year. After the meeting our faces hurt from laughing so much, which tells a lot about these two – they love life, they love to laugh, and if it isn’t obvious in the photos below, they dearly love each other.  It’s hard to describe, but they have this unique way of communicating and sense of humor that is just between the two of them…from our perspective, they just seem to “get” each other.  Needless to say, we’re really excited to shoot their wedding in October.

For their e-session we headed up to Red Rocks early one morning a few Saturdays ago, and had a blast tromping around the park in the early morning light together. We had never explored the park’s trails much before, and it was absolutely beautiful. We even encountered a huge, yellow-eyed owl perched in the Rocks about 5 feet away from one of the places we were shooting!  Luckily no one got attacked and we made our way out of there so we wouldn’t disturb his habitat.

At one point during the session a giant charter bus of tourists from Asia parked and unloaded right as we were setting up a shot – Caroline and Aaron played it cool, even with 30 extra cameras clicking away all around them.

Thanks Caroline and Aaron–can’t wait for the wedding! Hope you enjoy…

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