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Biz + Justin | FUSEBOOTH!

The Fusebooth never fails to disappoint.  Such hilarity, and so much fun viewed as movie.  Without furtherView full post »

Biz + Justin | Downtown Denver Wedding

What a great way to start the 2011 season!  We spent a beautiful January day in downtown Denver photographing Biz andView full post »

Heather + Jordan | Denver Wedding Photography

Heather was one of the smiliest, giddiest, happiest brides we have ever photographed.  She laughed, clapped and glowedView full post »

Holly+Seth | FuseBooth Time!!

As most of you know, we LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE us some FuseBooth!! Holly & Seth’s crowd of family, friends, andView full post »

Holly + Seth | Colorado Wedding Photography

We are smitten with Holly and Seth. The excitement for their wedding day has been building for many months as weView full post »

Jason + Ashley | Boulder, Colorado Wedding

It’s fun to shoot a wedding in your backyard.  Well-not literally.  But this wedding was just so BOULDER!  AView full post »

Michelle + Alex | Estes Park, Colorado Wedding

Remember that fiasco with the car breaking down and no cell phone service?  That was Alex and Michelle’s weddingView full post »

Damien + Amy | Colorado Destination Wedding at Keystone Ranch

We have been looking forward to this wedding since last October when we first met the dynamic duo that is Damien andView full post »

Steve & Alicia | Boulder, Colorado Wedding

Hello Bloggitos!  It’s Friday afternoon, and it’s Alicia & Steve time.  Prepare yourself for anView full post »

Lindsay & Jason | Colorado Springs Wedding Photography

For those of you who wanted more time with the FuseBooth…sorry! It’s time for Lindsay & Jason! MaybeView full post »

Amy & Damien: FuseBooth

Laura and I set up the FuseBooth at Amy & Damien’s wedding in Keystone this past weekend, and it wasView full post »

Jenna & Luke | Boulder Wedding Photography

If you don’t have your glass of warm milk and foot pillow handy, go get it, cause you’re going to need it.View full post »

Ashley & Brian | Denver, Colorado Wedding

We adore Ashley & Brian. Remember their engagement session? We shot that exactly one year before their wedding! View full post »

teaser sneezer

A little taste of what’s to come…thank you, dear clients, for your patience with us.  We are editing all ofView full post »

Sarah & Mike | Boulder, Colorado Wedding

Sarah and Mike came from Seattle to Boulder to soak up a little Colorado sun and mountain blue skies on their weddingView full post »

Brad & Lindsay | Denver Wedding at Mile High Station

Happy Monday, folks! You all got to see these two a few months ago for their e-session, and here we are now –View full post »

Brad & Kelsey | Oklahoma Wedding Photography

A few weekends ago on a Friday we found ourselves sitting on a small plane headed for Oklahoma City, our photo gearView full post »

Tim & Joani | Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photography

OOOOOOOOOOOOOklahoma!, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain… …You know you want to belt thisView full post »

~ Fuse Albums ~

OK, taking a straw poll here: Is it just me, or is there something missing when photos only exist in the virtual world,View full post »

Downtown Denver Wedding: Greg & Elizabeth

How do I start? How to describe Greg and Elizabeth?  It is impossible to encapsulate all the overflowing life-forceView full post »