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Life Glimpse – Fall/Winter

It’s a new year and we’re excited to have a little facelift around here!  Hope you enjoy the new look!View full post »

Back home: The Journey Continues

Hola friends, we are alive! We have returned from our travels in Central America full of new experiences, perspectives,View full post »


Hey Bloggies! And happy Tues-Monday! I went out last night and biked and bushwacked up to a vantage point on top of aView full post »

A Sleepless Night…

Hey Internet. It’s 2:17am, Sunday morning. You ever have those nights when you can’t stop your mind fromView full post »

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Travy! Can’t wait to celebrate many, many, many more birthdays with you.  I love you forever. View full post »

Road Trip 2010: The rest of the journey…

We’re rolling down the highway, pushing almost 65. As our orange bread-loaf-of-a-VW-bus presses on through the wind,View full post »

Road Trip 2010…Big Sur

Hello faithful friends!  We are still alive and Guanella is still moving!  We’re currently sitting in CafeView full post »

Road Trip 2010…Los Angeles

We got to stay with my cousin Lindsey in HOLLYWOOD and she was an amazing hostess!  We got a comprehensive tour andView full post »

Road Trip 2010 – The Journey West…

We were twenty three miles outside of Valley of Fire, Utah, and I was drunk with heat. The little “Electric MVP”View full post »

Road Trip 2010

We embarked yesterday on an epic journey of the American west.  Ok fine, epic might not be the most appropriateView full post »

an iphone spring

Tonight Travis and I rode our bikes out to this giant rock outcropping on the east side of Boulder.  We hiked up it andView full post »


Just a quick hippy-thought for Thursday here, hope it speaks to someone out there the inter-ether. When I bought theView full post »

Good Morning, Seattle!

OK, so after posting the last blog entry, I noticed that it was akin to a Tolstoy novel, and to read it you likelyView full post »

Creatively Crazy

It was 2am, and as the only car driving up the winding canyon road, it was a lonely endeavor. The moon had gone to bedView full post »


Hey internet. Travis here, and it’s confession time: I’m kind of a junk junkie. No, I’m not talking about junkView full post »

Weekend Update

Man-O-Man, we are slacking at this blog thing. We have some really exciting stuff coming up! A couple of weddings toView full post »

And, Happy New Year!!

Well bloggies, here we are! It’s 2010! Happy New Year!!! We’ve been on blog-hiatus, spending valuable timeView full post »

Blog Action Day 2009::Climate Change

Hey all, even though our blog is itty-bitty, we wanted to take part in Blog Action Day 2009. Blog Action Day is anView full post »


There is nothing quite like the cantada of singing machetes, and that morning as we plodded along through the mud andView full post »


Is anyone else out there a little in shock that it is October? Summer’s over, friends, and it’s a littleView full post »